Fashion Photography

Taking pictures of professional fashion photography or amateur photo models is a special type of photographic service. Why? Because this type of fashion photography is very important in further business negotiations of the model.

Our product – a photo, can be someone’s pass for further work. So, in this case, photographs are not just your fond memories of an event, they represent a very important moment, similar to advertising photographs, only in this case, the model is the “object” and the main subject of fashion photography, and the model is the one that is presented in some way.

Its beauty and photogenicity displayed in photography can be crucial for his further career; because of this, we take this business very seriously and we try to do it the best we can; we strive to achieve a friendly relationship with the model in order to relax, we always try to analyze the facial features and the figure of the model that we take in order to choose the right angle, lighting, in order to place the photo models in a certain pose … we try to make photographs for your book look like those in the popular foreign fashion magazines. Therefore, there is a much larger number of photos on each model shoot than you will eventually get in a digital format.